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You may not notice it, but if you think about it, you may find that you are easily use your overhead garage door more than 1, 500 times every year. Sounds crazy right? Just a basic use of two times a day, which mean open it twice and closing it twice each day, mean that you use the door 4 times each day, times 365 days a year, gives you a result of 1.460 uses every year. And when you use something 1,500 times every year, it is only natural that the door may need some maintenance, or even worst, it may need some repairs. Whether you are located in Mt Vernon or in Yonkers, it is possible that one day you will try to open the door, and you will find that it just do not respond. You try again, you reset the operator (In case there is one), you look at the door, you suddenly notice parts that you never noticed before, and you start wonder why the door doesn’t go up, since everything look the same. And then you ask yourself a simple question:

Why my garage door is not opening?

You probably never gave too much thought to your garage door, and just accepted the fact that it is opening and closing when you need it as granted. And this is probably why you are facing a garage door that you cannot use. People don’t know, but a simple maintenance that include lubricating some parts can make a big difference. If you remember, we started from assuming that the basic use of the door can get to 1,500 times during the year. Now it may have been few years since someone serviced your door, so it can easily get to 6,000 Uses, and with so many moving parts, it is only a matter of time before the door will need repairs.
But now it may too late for just lubricating the door, because there may be a problem with the door, and some parts may have to be replaced in order to make the garage door work again. Force will not help here, if you will try and push it up or down, you may get hurt, you may create a bigger damage, and for sure you will not solve the problem, you will just face a new problem of facing an overhead door that won’t come down(If it was close before).

The best thing you can do to make sure that your overhead garage door will continue to work for many more years, is to perform a maintenance, including lubrication, tuning and safety check. Even if the door is working fine, and never had a problem, maintenance will ensure that it will continue to work like that.

What to do now?

If your garage door is not opening, there is nothing much you can do, and you better contact a local garage door company that repair garage doors in your area. First, there is a need to find the cause to the fact that the door don’t go up. Maybe the opener got stuck, maybe the spring snapped, maybe the door is out of track, maybe the rollers broke or many other options, which each one can lead to a garage door that can’t be used. Professional garage door repairman can both locate the problem and repair it, but he can also do 2 more important things, that we at Vernon’s garage doors believe in: He can locate the reason the problem and repair it as well; and he can also lubricate the door and show you how to do that, so the door will not get stuck again in couple of months.

What not to do?!

When the garage door is stuck, and it cannot be used, the best for you to do will be to stop using it, and to wait for a garage door contractor in Westchester to come and repair it for you. Trying to force the garage door to work, holding the push button hoping that the opener will eventually lift the door, sticking your hands in the garage door and touching its parts will not solve the problem, and can hurt you badly. Do not forget that the door can weight hundreds of pounds, balanced by the spring system, that just by the weight they need to balance, you can understand how much tension they need to take.
We would like to give an example of someone who watched a garage door DIY repair Videos, and found himself locked inside he’s garage, with no ability to open the door. The reason why it happened, is because he saw on the Video that when the door is stuck, you should disengage the opener from the door, and test it manually. But in this case, one of the springs snapped, and the door was what actually holding the door from falling, and when he disengaged the opener, the door fell down and required at least 2 people to open it.
Luckily, no one got hurt in this case, and the guy needed to sit locked in he’s garage for 30 minutes until our technicians arrived, but it could also easily end with sad results. This person will never try and repair he’s garage door by doing it himself, and will contact a garage door repair company whenever he will need service.

What to do if I want to prevent problems?

To make sure that your garage door will work in a perfect way, there are few things that you can do:

The garage door itself

When you are planning to purchase a new garage door, make sure that you are getting a garage door from the high quality doors, and not from the cheap doors. It may seem to you like a waste of money, but when you will have to deal with repairs every few months because you preferred the cheap doors, you will find that you already spent much more than you would if you purchased the high quality door. We offer garage door services from leading garage door brands such as Amarr doors, Clopay, Lift Master, Wayne Dalton and more.

The installation

Use the services of a professional installer. It may seem simple to the person who painted your house, or to your local handyman, but what they don’t know is that a garage door installation require knowledge and tools, that only an experienced installer may have. There are many garage door contractors in Westchester County, and you should use the services of one of them. Just like we trained our technicians not to try and fix electricity problems, because this is not their job, so for the garage doors, let the professional do what they how to do best.


Maintain your garage door twice a year, and you will see how it improve the way it works, and that it will last longer. There are special lubrication liquids, designed for garage door parts. When you lubricate the door, and include a safety check as part of the maintenance, you are on the right way to a safely operating garage door.
The maintenance is a simple job, which can change a lot. There are many garage door maintenance tutorials online, and following the instructions when you do the maintenance by yourself, will ensure a safe and successful process.

Overhead door with opener

Overhead door with opener

Do not ignore problems

There are no small problems, and even the smallest problems can get bigger if you will not take care of the on time. If your door is suddenly making noises when it is moving, if the opener is shaking while working, if the door is not balanced, or if the door is not closing completely, it mean that something is wrong. Fix the problem on time, and prevent a bigger one, that will probably cost you more.
A noisy garage door, or one which is not operating correctly, indicate that there is a problem, and that it need to be repaired before it will increase, and the door may get stuck completely. From our experience, sometime it may seem like the door got stuck at the worst timing, and many times when your car is locked inside, which make it both inconvenience for you: because you probably need your car, and for us: because it is always complicating things when the car is outside.

Commercial Garage Door

If you own a commercial garage door, and you are experiencing hard time operating it, you should be much more careful. A commercial overhead door can weight hundreds of pounds, and can be dangerous when it is not being used properly. Every garage door, whether it is a garage door in Brooklyn New York, or a garage door in New Rochelle, commercial or residential, shouldn’t be used before it is repaired by a trained garage door repairman. This is not a door for do-it-yourself repairs. This door require knowledge and tools that only a professional garage door contractor possess.
We repair all types of commercial overhead doors in Mount Vernon. Our technicians are experienced in all types of overhead doors repair, and they can be at your location at your convenience and take care of the problem. So there is no need to try and force a heavy door to come down or to go up, and to put yourself, and other people at risk.


  • Invest in a high quality door, it will pay for you in the long run.

  • Use the services of a professional installer.

  • Lubricate your garage door at least twice a year.

  • Do not ignore a problem, no matter how small it may seem.

  • Try to avoid DIY, unless you know exactly what you are doing.

  • Vernon’s Garage Doors offer same day garage door repair service in Mt Vernon and in Yonkers New York. For a same day service, please contact us.

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