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We are located in Mount Vernon New York, but we service garage doors in Mount Vernon area. We service garage doors in Yonkers New York, garage doors in the Bronx, and more. Since the Bronx is local to us, we can be at your location and repair your garage door in the Bronx today. We also offer emergency garage door repairs in the Bronx, and since all the parts which required in order to fix every overhead door in the Bronx are loaded to our service tracks, you can relax and know that we will fix your garage door today.
If you are located in the Bronx, and you are looking for a local garage door company, we can help. We specialize in repairs and installations of overhead doors in Bronx, and in all types of garage doors repairs. Whether you need a garage door repair in New York, a garage door installation in New Rochelle, or a garage door opener repair, we can help. We service all brands in Bronx New York, including Lift Master garage opener, Amarr Doors, Clopay doors, Chamberlain products and more. So call us today, and get your garage door repaired.

Garage Door Fixer Bronx New York

There many possible reasons that can stop an overhead from working properly, and it doesn’t matter if it is a residential garage door in the Bronx, a commercial garage door in Yonkers, garage door repairs in Westchester County, or a garage door opener problem in NYC. We fix overhead doors in Bronx New York, including broken spring repairs, garage door opener repairs, and of course new garage doors installations.
If you are looking for someone who fix garage doors in the Bronx, not only that we can help you, we will also do it the same day. And to be able to fix your garage door in the Bronx on the spot, we carry many garage door parts that our technicians need to able to fix your garage door on the spot. The most common garage door problems that we deal with almost on a daily base while servicing overhead doors in the Bronx are:

  • Garage door spring repairs Bronx.
  • Garage door opener repair Bronx.
  • Garage door out of tracks repair Bronx.
  • Garage door lock out Bronx.
  • Lack of maintenance.
  • Garage door remote control Bronx.
  • Garage door cable replacement Bronx.
  • Torsion spring repair Bronx.
  • Extension overhead door replacement Bronx.

There are many other reasons that may prevent your overhead door from stop working. It can be a garage door spring repair in NYC, or a garage door out of track repairs in Mt Vernon, but the important thing is to provide high quality, quick and efficient overhead door services in the Bronx New York.

The best thing you can do if your garage door in the Bronx broke, is to do nothing, and to contact a local garage door company in the Bronx to come and fix the door for you. Amy attempt to force the door to move, can result with injuries and with a bigger damage to the door and to your property.

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Garage Door Spring Repairs Bronx New York

Before we will start explaining about garage door spring replacement in Bronx New York, First, we would like to make it clear, that a broken garage door spring, snapped cable, or any other problem with a garage door can be dangerous. A broken overhead door in the Bronx, whether it is a torsion spring repair, or extension spring replacement should not be used, until a professional garage door technician in Bronx  will fix it and replace the spring with the right spring for your garage door.
Have you ever wondered how it can be so easy to open and close a heavy overhead garage door in Bronx? How is it possible that a door that weight few hundred pounds can be open with one hand without too much force from you side? The answer to that question is in the garage door mechanism, that parts of it is the garage door spring system.
The type of springs doesn’t really matter. Whether your garage door in the Bronx is equipped with extension torsion spring system, or with torsion spring system, many calculation were made by the people who created the garage door, so the exact spring will lower and open your overhead door in the Bronx, or any other overhead door. It can be a commercial overhead door in the Bronx, or a garage door in Los Angeles California, and keeping the gentle balance that keep the door up when you open it, and keep down when you close it. There are many overhead doors in Bronx, and although all may seem the same to you, they are equipped with different springs. Some with heavy duty torsion springs, like the commercial garage doors, and some with small extension springs, like the single residential garage doors in the Bronx.
And since the garage door spring system is under a lot of tension, and sometime the door is being used few times a day, a snapped garage door spring in the Bronx is not a rare problem, and definitely not a problem that require to replace the whole door and purchase a new garage door. You just need to find someone who repair garage door spring in Bronx, and who offer same day service for garage doors or same day roll up door repairs in the Bronx.

Garage spring repairs Bronx New York

Extension spring Repair Bronx New York

Like we said, most overhead doors in the Bronx use extension or torsion spring system. If you own an overhead door in Bronx with extension spring system, you should see when you look at the door that the spring are installed on top of the door’s tracks, that mean that your garage door is moving by extension spring system.
Whenever one of the extension spring snap (Or both), it can be dangerous, and can put people, the door itself and other objects located near the door in danger. To avoid injuries, we offer you to make sure that there are safety cables installed in your door, in case the spring will break.
You should know that every garage door in the Bronx is unique and different from other overhead doors. So not every spring will fit every garage door!
If you plan to do the spring replacement by yourself, make sure you have the right spring, and that know exactly what you are doing. Do not assume that a spring that looks like your spring, or almost the same size will work. To remind you, every overhead door in the Bronx require certain springs. Unless you use the right spring for your overhead door in Bronx, the door will not be safe to use. If you are not sure, if you have questions, or if you need assistance, contact Vernon’s Garage Doors for help.

Torsion Spring Repair Bronx New York

The second type of spring system that can be found in the Bronx is the torsion spring system. If you have torsion spring installed, and one or both of them snapped, do not try and use the door, because it is dangerous. A torsion spring replacement is not a simple job, and it should be performed by a trained overhead doors technician in the Bronx, who can fit the right spring for the door, and that will know how to replace the spring in a safe way.
There are a lot of different sizes of garage doors in Bronx, and not every spring can make every door work. For every overhead door, there is a set of spring that will make it work, and do not expect an overhead door in Bronx or even a garage door in Westchester County, to work properly with the wrong set of springs.
Do not attempt to try and replace the spring by yourself. We know that there are many Videos online which explain how to replace a torsion spring in Bronx in a “do it yourself” way, and this is not always recommended. If you are thinking about replacing the spring by DIY, you better read the following case study, of a person who tried to replace garage torsion spring in Yonkers by DIY, and ended with a broken door and a broken windshield.

Garage door DIY case study

On May 2014, we received a call from a woman who sounded panic, and told us that she need emergency repair for a garage door near Mount Vernon New York. When we arrived, we found that her husband purchased garage door springs online, and tried to replace the springs by DIY. He ended with a broken windshield. Instead of using the services of a garage door technician near the Bronx, he tried to save money, and to do the spring replacement by himself. Hat he did not know that every overhead door, whether in the Bronx, in Yonkers or even a garage door in Queens New York, require a certain type and size of springs.
The end was that the spring he used was too big for the door, and instead of trying to close the door slowly, he closed it one try, and the spring fly from the door and broke the windshield of the car that was parking in the garage. Thank god there was nobody between the car and the door.
We tool down the wrong springs, and installed the right springs, and the door was working perfectly, just like very garage door we serviced in the Bronx. So the important thing is to let your know that there are some repairs that can be done by DIY, and there are some repairs that it will be best to let the pro deal with. Garage doors in general, and it can be a garage door in the Bronx or a garage door repair in Greenwich CT, can be dangerous when they are being used in a wrong way.

Commercial garage door Bronx New York

Garage Door Opener Repair Bronx New York

Vernon’s Garage Doors repair and install openers from all manufactures in the Bronx. There was never a garage door problem we couldn’t solve and repair, including a garage door opener problem in the Bronx.  Garage door opener repairs is something that we are dealing with on a daily basis during our garage door service in the Bronx. Sometime the problem is simple, and can be repaired within minutes, and sometime it is a complicated one, that make us consider to replace the opener with a new one, since the repair may cost more than a fresh installation.

Repair replace the current garage opener?

The question whether to repair or to replace is a question that we are dealing with almost on a daily base during our overhead garage door services in the Bronx. And we can say that it is almost impossible to give a professional answer without physically inspecting the opener and its condition. Many times the opener can be repaired, but to repair it may cost almost as replacing it with a new unit, and in that case we must let the customer know the price of a new unit, and that it may better for him to replace it. In short, we can say that repairing the opener is not always the wisest decision. When you think about it, a new garage door opener, like Lift Master garage opener can last for more many years, and with the right treatment for 25 years and more, so spending money on garage door opener repairs in the Bronx, may result with spending more time and money than you should.

Garage Door Opener Safety

Every garage door opener in New York, or anywhere else in the US must include a safety feature. It can be a commercial overhead door in New Rochelle, or a residential automated garage door in the Bronx, they all must include a safety feature, which will prevent the garage opener from closing when something is blocking the entrance.  The safety feature you will usually find is the safety sensors, we like to say few words about it:

Garage Door Safety Sensors Bronx NY

If you own an electric garage door in the Bronx, and there is no safety feature installed, we suggest that you will contact a garage door specialist in the Bronx to come and install it for you. If you own an electric garage door, it should include safety sensors. There is no option here, since this is the law. If you look at the garage door tracks, you will find a safety sensor on each side, close to the ground. They are installed in a way that the lens of the sensor is facing the other sensor, and whenever something, like a person, a car, or any other object, is blocking the invisible laser beam which run between them, the garage door opener will not close the door, in order to prevent the thing which broke the beam from getting hurt.
Even if someone accidently moved one of the sensors, if the sensor was hit, if the cable that connect the sensor to the opener was cut, or even if there is dirt or dust on the lens, that garage door opener will not close, since it does not receive a signal that everything is alright. So make sure that the garage door safety sensors are installed properly, and if not, call us for same day safety sensors troubleshooting in the Bronx.

New garage door installation Bronx New York

Broken garage door Bronx NY

Many times, sometime few times a day, we are receiving a call from a customer in the Bronx who tell us that there is something wrong with the garage door. Sometime it is a garage door opener problem, and we fix it. But many times the problem is coming from a different source, usually in the mechanism of the door, or other issues that require a garage door specialist in the Bronx.
When you read what we are writing, you are probably asking yourself “why it seem like a garage door opener problem?” The answer is simple, what make it easy to raise and open the door, and what lower and close the door is not the opener, but it is the spring system. It may seem to you like the opener lift the door, when it actually just pushing the door, and the spring system do all the rest. The garage opener is in charge of a small amount of the actual lifting. So if one of the garage door springs snapped, or any other problem that happen sometime to overhead doors in the Bronx, it makes it difficult for the opener to open and close the door, and to the unprofessional eye it may seem like the opener need to be repaired, when the problem is really in a different part. So even if it may seem to you that you need a garage door opener specialist in the Bronx, you may actually need a different kind of repair. But luckily for you, we fix all kinds of overhead doors issues in the Bronx, including garage door opener and mechanism repairs.

New Garage Door Bronx New York

Need a new garage door installation in Bronx New York? Not sure which garage door will be the best for you? Are you not sure if it will best to fix the current garage door, or to replace it with a new overhead door? Couldn’t find a reliable garage door supplier in Bronx? We are here for you! With many years of experience in the overhead doors industry, and after hundreds of new garage door repairs and installations in the Bronx, we can help you find the right garage door for you.

How to find a new garage door in Bronx?

The best thing when choosing a new garage door, will be to look around you, and see the style of the garage door you are looking for. If you look around when you walk or drive the streets of the Bronx, you will notice endless amount of different garage doors, with different size, colors, and which were made from different materials. You will probably find some doors that will be similar, and even exact to the garage door in you are looking for. There are many different overhead doors in the Bronx. You can find wooden overhead doors, Hollow residential doors, Commercial glass doors, Aluminum doors, Insulated doors, commercial door, garage doors with a smaller door inside, and more. It easy to get confused through all the options. We have created a list of things to consider when looking to purchase a new garage door in the Bronx. And that will make the process of purchasing a new garage door much simpler. We supply and install overhead doors in the Bronx, commercial and residential, so when you are contacting us, you know that we can provide you with high quality garage doors.

Overhead door service Bronx

Look for top quality garage door in the Bronx

Let’s leave the design and the color of the new garage door aside for a second, this is up to you, and we are all individuals. Some will like the wooden garage doors, and some will like the modern glass and aluminum overhead doors. The thing that really matter is the quality of the door you will purchase. When you are purchasing a new garage door for your home or your business in the Bronx, you are making an investment that will last for many years, and when you purchase quality you are getting quality in return. So this isn’t the time to try and save money, since what you will save now, buy purchasing a cheap door, you will spend soon on repairs, or even on reinstalling a garage door.
A quick search online for garage door supplier in New York, will reveal that there are different garage doors brands and manufactures in the American market, some of them offer the doors, some offer the installation, and some, like Vernon’s Garage Doors, offer both the supply of the new door and the installation in the Bronx.
Many of them offer high quality doors, but not all of them. Some will offer you law quality overhead doors, and this is exactly what we are trying to help you avoid. The difference between a high quality new garage door in Bronx, and a law quality garage door can range between 20-50% of the price. But if you look at it in the long term, and considering the fact that your new overhead door can last for more than 30 years (As long as it is made from high quality parts), and the fact that with the right, on time garage door maintenance it may never need repairs, you will see that invest some more money in quality, will save you both time and money, and you won’t have to deal with garage door repairs every other year, like some of our customers who purchased low quality garage door in the Bronx need to.

Professional Overhead Door Installer in the Bronx

Purchasing a high quality garage door is not enough. One more important thing that you must consider on your way to a new garage door in Bronx New York is the contactor who will perform the garage door installation. You want a professional garage contractor to remove the old door with minimum damage, and to install the new door in the best way it can be installed. Whether you are looking for a new garage door in Bronx, a new garage door installer in Mt Vernon New York, look for a professional installer that may be a bit more expensive than others who offer quick and cheap service, but which eventually going to cost you a lot more. There is a rule in life, and the garage door field is no different, sometime the cheapest turn to be the most expensive, and what seemed expensive at first, may turn to be the wisest decision.
If you are looking to install a new garage door in the Bronx, and you do not want to deal with it anytime soon in the next 30 years, we can help you get a high quality garage door, for a reasonable price, and of course professional installers, that together with the high quality garage doors we provide, turn us into one of the best garage doors company in the Bronx.

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