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If you look around you while driving through the streets of Mt Vernon, you will see that there are many kinds and types of overhead garage doors. Some are old wooden garage doors, with custom made designs and heavy structure, some are made from aluminum and glass, which give them a modern look, and some made from steel with a window section and cosmetic accessories. And the technicians of Vernon’s Garage Doors can repair them all!
When you are a professional overhead garage door repairman, it does not matter to you what brand, what size, what color or what spring system is installed, you know that you have the expertise and the tools to repair any kind of problem. But to fix the problem is not always enough. You need to do it ASAP, and let the customer use a safe and strong garage door again. To achieve that, all our tracks are loaded with parts that will fit more than ninety percent of garage doors in Mt Vernon New York.

Garage Door Repairs in Mt Vernon New York

Since we are located in Mount Vernon, you are local to us, and we can be there today, and sometime even within an hour. As described above, our experience in garage doors in Mt Vernon, taught us which are the common overhead doors in Mt Vernon, so we learned which parts we should carry with us. For example, we have learned that extension springs for certain doors, are the most common spring system in Mt Vernon, to make sure we will be able to fix every garage door spring problem on the spot, we doubled the amount of extension springs in our storage, so we will be able to help you no matter what time or what day.
Most garage door issues can be solved, and we rarely prefer to replace the door and install a new one instead of repairing. But there is one thing that we can never ignore, and we will never look the other way, and that is the safety of the people who use the garage door. The only case which we will prefer to completely replace the door and install it, is when fixing the door may solve the problem, and the door will work, but it will not be safe to do so. And we highly recommend to you to do the same, and avoid trying to save money by putting your safety, and the safety of other people who uses the garage door at risk.

We offer same day garage door repairs in Mt Vernon New York: We repair springs, openers, commercial overhead doors, new garage door installation and emergency repairs in Mt Vernon New York.

Spring Repair Mt Vernon New York

Did you ever wondered how it is possible that even the heaviest commercial overhead doors can be easily open, even when you try to use them manually? The answer is the spring system. If you look at your overhead door, whether it is a garage door in New Rochelle, or a garage door in Yonkers, you will see that there are spring attached to the door. There are 2 different sets of springs, extension spring system and torsion spring system, and we will explain about them farther in our article.
The important thing to remember is that each overhead door require the right size of springs. To replace a broken extension spring with another extension spring is not enough. You need to find the exact right spring for your overhead door. If you will try to use the wrong spring, the door may partly work, or won’t work at all, but what more important is that the door may jump or fall, and hurt someone. Vernon’s Garage Doors provide same day garage door spring repair in Mount Vernon, for commercial and residential spring, torsion or extension.

Torsion Spring System

Torsion springs are usually being used for the heavier doors, but not always. If you would like to find out what kind of spring system you are using? Look at your garage door and locate the springs (Usually there are 2 springs, but not necessarily). If you see the spring/s above the door closer to the center, when they are wrapped around a steal pipe (Spring Shaft). If you do not see the springs in the center of the door, look above the door, where the tracks are, if you see a spring (Rarely 2) above and parallel to each track, it mean that you have extension spring system.
If you are reading these article, you probably facing a broken spring, and now you probably wonder: What to do if the spring snapped? The truth is that there is nothing much to do besides replacing the spring (Or both springs). But if there is something that you should do, is to try and open the closed door, or try and use the door (Manually or electrically) even that the spring is broken. An attempt to use the door with a broken spring will likely lead to deeper damage to the door (You can easily burn the opener), but more importantly, you may burn the opener.
We carry torsion spring for all kinds of garage door in Mount Vernon, and we can replace your broken torsion spring today. There is no need to worry that you may need to replace the door, or spend a lot of money, spring replacement is something that we do on a daily base, and as we explained earlier, we rarely recommend to completely replace the door.

Extension Spring System

Look at your garage door, and locate the tracks, you should see above each one of them 2 (Sometime 4) springs. Can you see them? If yes, your door is working with extension spring system. Like with the torsion spring system, an extension spring replacement should be performed only if you found the right spring for your door. The fact that you found an extension spring, does not mean that you found the right spring. And you should know, that in some cases the size of your previous spring may not necessarily fit. You may need a different kind of spring.
Sometime it is not the spring that broke, but it is the cable that snapped. But the result in terms of the way the garage door behave are the same as when the spring snap, and you should treat the door the same way like when the spring snap: not using the door until a trained technician will repair it. To read more about spring repair, you can read the post that was written by J&C Garage Doors And gates.

Safety cables for extension spring system

If your own an overhead door that include extension spring system, make sure that the spring system include safety cables. As part of the safe way the door should be used, it doesn’t matter if your garage door is in Mount Vernon or if it is an overhead door in Yonkers, you must install safety cables for protection in case the spring will break one day.
As we know, a spring will usually snap when the door is closed, and when there is the most tension on the spring, and when it break, it follows with a loud and scary noise, but also with steal parts of the spring that fly around and can damage thongs around the garage, and even door itself. To avoid that, whenever we install new extension springs, we include safety cables to try and prevent the broken spring from hurting something.
Do I have safety cables? To check if there are safety cables, go to your garage door and look at the springs. If you do have safety cables installed, you will see a cable entering from one side of the spring and coming out from the other side. Do not consider the cables which are connected to the pulley and to the door as safety cables, since those cables are necessary to operate the door. If you do not see safety cables, you can try and install them by yourself, or contact a garage door company in Mount Vernon New York to do that for you.


Overhead Door Repairs Mount Vernon New York

Overhead door repairs Mt vernon

Garage Door Opener Mt Vernon New York

One of the questions we are being asked many times during our work, is “Why my garage door opener is not working”? And to answer this question, we need to go over the garage door openers types, and the part of the opener in operating our garage door.
To give you a general knowledge about the garage door opener, we will say that the garage door opener is only in charge of small part of lifting and raising the garage door, when the spring systems we explained above are in charge of the rest. So if there is a problem with the door itself, like a broken spring for example, the opener will not be able to lift open the garage door, and if it will be able to do that, it will be in an unsafe way, that eventually will lead to the break of the second spring, or to the burning of the opener.
There are many brands and types of garage door openers, and Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates wrote a nice article that explain the differences between the openers types. We will try and bring the highlights of the post:

The Chain Drive Opener

Best seller, and considered to be one of the most reliable openers you can find in the American industry. Operating by a strong solid iron chain, which are connected to a steady rail, and while moving along it, it is raising and lowering the garage door. If you will purchase a high quality chain drive opener, such as the chain drive opener series from Lift master, it can easily last for more than 20 years with a basic maintenance.

The Belt Drive Opener

If it important for you to have an opener which will operate in a silent way, this will be the opener for you. Unlike the chain drive opener, the Belt Drive is working with a rubber belt, which make it much quieter. It is a good solution for people who prefer their opener to be as quiet as possible.
This opener cost more than the chain drive opener, but if you think that you will get so many years of silent operating garage door, you may want to consider it.

The screw drive opener

This opener is the best choice if you plan to install the garage door opener in a do it yourself way. It is considered to be the easiest to install, and we find ourselves installing less and less from this type opener.

Opener safety sensors

If you are planning to install a new garage door opener, make sure that it is going to include a safety feature like the safety sensors. If you already own a garage door opener, make sure that the opener include a safety feature like the law require.
The safety sensors can be the cause for many garage door problems, but at the same time they can save life. And no time and money worth the risk of the health of you, or of a member of your family. Make sure that your automated garage door include a safety feature, to protect in case something, or someone, will be placed at the garage door’s path.
The safety sensors must be aligned in order to allow the opener to close the garage door. But sometime they prevent the opener from closing the door although nothing is blocking the doors path. In that case, you need to align, repair or replace the safety sensors. If you are experiencing issues with your garage door safety sensors, check out this article by J&C Garage Doors that explain about garage door safety sensors troubleshooting.
If you are looking for a company that repair and install garage door openers in Mount Vernon New York, we are here for you. We offer same day garage door service from leading garage door openers. Here is a partial list of openers types and brands we service:

  • Lift Master – We repair and install Lift Master openers Mount Vernon New York.

  • Genie– We repair and install Genie openers in Mount Vernon New York.

  • Belt drive opener – We repair and install Belt Drive openers in Mount Vernon New York.

  • Chain drive opener – Repair and installation for chain drive openers in Mount Vernon New York.

  • Screw drive opener – Service all brands of screw drive openers in Mount Vernon NY.

  • Residential opener – Same day service for residential opener in Mount Vernon.

  • Commercial opener - -Same day service from commercial openers in Mount Vernon.
  • Overhead Door Repairs Mount Vernon New York

    New garage door Mt vernon New York


    New Garage Door Mount Vernon

    If you are looking for anew garage door installation, or if you are not sure if it will better to repair and maintain the current door, or to completely remove it and install a new one, this is why we are here for. We can meet you at your convenience, and help you make the right decision regarding your current garage door, or on your way to a new garage door. If you are not sure whether to repair the door or to replace it, we recommend to read an article written by Matalonco Garage Doors, whether to repair or to replace.
    Here are few points and tips:

  • Cost vs Value: If the price of the repair is close to replacing the door with a new one, you may want to consider replacing it with a new door.

  • Safety issues: Whether you own a garage door in Mt Vernon, or a garage door in Westchester New York, the safety comes first. You should avoid using a garage door which is not safe for use, and if a repair cannot make your garage door safe for use, invest some more and replace it with a new garage door.

  • Cosmetic reasons: If your garage door is installed in the front of your house, a new overhead door will definitely improve the appearance of the house.

  • High quality: We said it before, and we will say it again, invest in, and get a high quality garage door in return that will stay strong for many years.
  • Emergency garage door service Mount Vernon New York

    As we all know, there is never good time for something to break or stop working. It all depend on how you look at it and how you take it, because if the door already broke, it could also happen in a worst and in a better timing. But the timing become irrelevant, since Vernon’s Garage Doors offer emergency garage door repairs in Mount Vernon New York. WE WILL BE THERE ANY TIME, ANY DAY!
    To us it doesn’t really matter what kind of garage door you own, or what kind of difficulty you are experiencing operating the door, because after so many years in the industry, we feel confident enough to declaimer: we can repair it, and we can probably do it on the spot. We consider ourselves to be one of the leading garage door services company in Mt Vernon, and we are doing our best to repair the door on the spot, and to allow you to use a strong garage door again.

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