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Garage Door Services in Yonkers New York

I need a garage door service in Yonkers, who should I contact? Not everyone are aware to the fact that there are companies that their job is to repair and install garage doors, whether it is a garage door service in Yonkers, a new garage door in Mt Vernon, or a commercial garage door service in Westchester New York. Some of them think that an electrician should be the one who repair their electric garage opener in Yonkers, and some of them think that any handyman can install a new garage door in Yonkers New York. And we think this is a mistake. We believe that you should always contact a professional technician, which specialize in this certain kind of repair.
We for example, we train all our technicians to never try and repair an electricity problem, since this is a job for a trained and licensed electrician in Yonkers, who has the tools, parts and the knowledge which is required to repair a problem with the electricity in Yonkers New York. On the other end, we often receive calls from general contractors, who thought they can install a new garage door in Yonkers by themselves, just to find that it is much more complicated than it may seem when you are watching a garage door installation Video on You tube.
We agree that there are some garage door issues that require just a basic toll box, and some healthy common sense on how the garage door operate. But sometime even the smallest problems can lead to a bigger problem, and even risk the person who try to repair the door, or the people who will use the garage door after the armature handy man complete the repair. So let the professional garage technicans in Yonkers do their job, since we can fix all types of garage doors and garage door problems in Yonkers New York.

How to find a good garage door contractor?

It is very rare that a garage door in Yonkers need to be repaired. When maintained on time, and with the right materials and parts, a garage door in Yonkers should work with no problems for many years, and it doesn’t matter if it is in Yonkers or a garage door in Huntington New York. If your garage door require repairs often, it mean that something is wrong. Maybe you did not maintain it on time, maybe it wasn’t installed correctly, maybe there is a lose part, or maybe it just need some lubrication.
The important thing when you are looking for a good garage contractor in Yonkers New York, is to find a contractor for from the right niche. If you need a garage door service in Yonkers, you should be looking for a local garage door supplier in Yonkers. Sometime you may need a different contractor, for example if your garage does not have electricity at all, and if this is the case, we will instruct you on which contractor you should contact, and who specialize in garage electricity repairs in Yonkers New York.

Opener and Spring Repair

Spring opener repair Yonkers

Garage Door Services in Yonkers New York

Vernon’s Garage Doors offer garage door services for all types of overhead doors in Yonkers New York. We specialize in garage doors repair and installation, and if you are located in Yonkers, in Mt Vernon, or in the area, we will repair your garage door today. We believe that in order to be considered professional in your niche, you must have the ability to provide same day service and of course emergency services for all kind of overhead doors in Yonkers, commercial and residential. You also need to carry with you garage door parts that will fit garage doors in Yonkers, so you will be able to provide a repair on the spot, and complete the repair on the first service.
Here is a partial list of our garage door services in Yonkers:

  • Emergency garage door service in Yonkers New York.

  • New garage door installation in Yonkers.

  • Commercial and residential garage doors in Yonkers.

  • Torsion Spring repair in Yonkers.

  • Extension spring repair in Yonkers.

  • Opener repair for all types in Yonkers like Lift Master.

  • Out of track garage repair in Yonkers.

  • Safety sensors repair in Yonkers.

  • Panel repair or replacement

  • Lock repair and installation

  • Garage door maintenance service in Yonkers.

  • Frame repair and installation

  • Garage door cable repair in Yonkers.

  • This is just a partial list, because we can fix all kinds of garage problems in Yonkers New York, and we install all kinds of garage doors in Yonkers. If you are experiencing difficulty opening and closing the garage door, but you are not sure what the reason is, please contact us for a free phone consultation, or for a same day service in Yonkers New York and garage door repair in Mount vernon New York.

    Why should you wait? With our same day garage door repairs in Yonkers New York, we will fix your overhead garage door today. We carry parts to fit all kinds of garage doors in Yonkers, so we can complete the repair today!

    Fix Broken Spring in Yonkers New York

    If you look at your garage door in Yonkers New York, you will see a spring, couple of springs or more. If you ever wondered how come it is so easy to open and close your garage door? The spring system is the answer. There are many garage doors, and there are many springs, because each garage door require its own set of springs. Some garage doors in Yonkers works with extension spring system, and some with torsion spring system. And even within the type of springs there are many different sizes of garage springs in Yonkers New York, since there is only one correct size of spring, which will make your garage door operate in a safe and smooth way.
    In most cases, the spring snap when the garage door is in close position. There reason is that when the door is closed is the point when the springs carry the largest amount of tension, so it is just natural for a spring to break at that point. And this is what make it difficult and sometime even impossible to open a garage door in Yonkers if the spring snapped. Because the force that the spring supplied to the opening and closing of the door is not there anymore. If you live in Yonkers New York, and your garage door spring snapped, avoid trying to open (Or close in some cases) the garage door, because such an action is dangerous.


    Commercial Overhead Door

    Commercial overhead door Yonkers

    Do it yourself spring replacement

    If you search online, you will find many tutorials that explain how to replace a broken spring. We are not big fans of DIY spring replacement for many reasons (When it comes to spring replacemnet in Yonkers New York or anywhere else), and we will explain.

    Locating the right spring in Yonkers

    The first step that may seem the simplest to complete is to locate the right spring for your garage door in Yonkers. Most of the time, replacing the broken spring with the same spring should be fine, but in some cases the door may require a different size of spring, since the previous one wasn’t the right spring for the door, or that the weight of the door changed since the spring was installed.
    Another reason is that not all garage door suppliers in Yonkers carry the spring that you need, and even if they do, they may refuse to sell it to you, because they prefer not to sell heavy duty springs for people who aren’t professional enough.
    If you decided to replace the spring by yourself, and not using the services of a garage door technician in Yonkers, make sure that you are about to install the right spring for your door.

    The tools for the spring replacement in Yonkers

    The basic tool you will need if you are planning to replace a torsion spring in Yonkers or a torsion spring in Mount Vernon, is torsion sticks, The torsion sticks are designed for torsion spring replacement, and as basic as they may seem, and even if you think that there are many objects you can use to replace them, you should know that the only right and safe way to adjust torsion springs is with torsion sticks. So look for a garage door supplier who offer torsion springs for garage door spring replacement in Yonkers.

    The replacement itself

    The online tutorials on how to fix a garage door in Yonkers, may make it look easy to replace even a heavy duty torsion spring. But, what they don’t tell you, is that the Video you are watching has been cut and edit, and that the installation you are watching is for the specific door which is presented in the Video, and it will not necessarily work for your garage door in Yonkers.
    There are different kinds of garage doors in Yonkers New York, with different spring system, which was installed in different way, and to follow the instructions may end with a garage door that work fine again, but it may also result with a bigger damage, or even with an injury. So it doesnt matter if it a torsion spring replacement in Yonkers, or a garage door spring repair in Woodland Hills CA. Do not try and repair a garage which you are not sure about.

    Safety, safety, safety!

    No matter how many times we will say it, we feel that it is never enough. So we will say it again: Overhead garage door can be dangerous! And it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door in Yonkers, or a garage door in New Rochelle New York. Just think about the weight of the door, and the amount of tension on the springs, and you can easily see how misuse of the door can end with sad results.
    Do not guess, and do not touch things that you are not sure about. If you are not fully familiar with the overhead door mechanism, consider hiring a professional garage door technician in Yonkers to replace the spring for you.



    Lift Master Opener Repair Yonkers NY

    Lift Master Opener Yonkers

    Fix Broken Opener in Yonkers New York

    We titled this paragraph with “Fix Broken Opener in Yonkers New York”, but a better title would be: “Is it really an opener problem”? You probably wonder why we present this question, and we would like to elaborate:
    You may not know that, but if a garage door in Yonkers New York isn’t moving properly manually, it should not be used automatically. Simple as that. The garage opener is not what lift the door, it only give it the starting push; the spring system is what make it so easy to use even the commercial overhead doors in Yonkers. When the springs are from the correct size, and when all the parts are lubricated and in good condition, and the door is working properly manually, only then you should use it electrically.
    If you understand the part of the opener in lifting the door, and you understand that it is minor comparing to the springs, you can understand why we wanted to name this paragraph “Is it really opener problem”. If the spring snapped, the opener can be bran new, and can be from the best manufacture, it may not be able to lift the door, because it is not its job. So if your opener behave in a strange way, don’t be sure so sure that you need someone to fix garage opener in New York, or to install a new opener.

    Lift Master Opener Repair Yonkers

    If you are looking for someone who repair Lift Master Openers in Westchester New York, You just found him. Even that we repair openers from all brands in Yonkers New York, Lift Master openers will always remain our favorite opener’s manufacture in Yonkers. When we install a new Lift Master opener, and it doesn’t matter if it is an opener from their Elite serious, or a basic opener, we know that we just provided our customer in Yonkers with high quality opener. When we install a Lift Master opener you know that we will not get a call back in the next 10 years due to an opener problem, and we know that the opener will need no service, beside the basic opener maintenance.
    Vernon’s Garage Doors offer same day Lift Master repair and installation services in Yonkers New York, for belt and chain drive openers.

    New garage door Yonkers New York

    We believe that the right way to choose a new garage door in Yonkers is at your home. It give us the option to examine your garage, the condition of the frame, the structure of your garage, and to give you the best recommendation we can give you, based on years of experience servicing Overhead doors in Yonkers.
    We believe that a new overhead door, whether it is in Mt Vernon, or a garage door in NYC, is a process no one should go through more than once every 1-20 years (If we put aside a garage door that was hit by a car, damaged by water or weather, or other reason that damaged the door in a way that cannot be repaired). That is the reason we always recommend to invest in quality doors from leading garage door company in Yonkers. When you purchase a quality door, you get a garage door in Yonkers that will last for many years, and that will open and close smoothly whenever it is required to do so.
    But beside long-lasting garage door, there are many more reasons for choosing in a high quality garage door in Yonkers:
    Less maintenance: The high quality garage doors in Yonkers New York require less maintenance than the cheap doors require. It include less repairs over the years, since the door and its parts are stronger, and more resistant to weather conditions and high cycle use.
    Smoother movement: A high quality door will move smoother for a longer time, and in many cases will be quieter than the cheap garage doors in Yonkers.
    Appearance: The high quality garage doors in Yonkers are prestigious, and will probably improve the front of your house in case they are installed there.
    Vernon’s garage doors offer high quality overhead doors in Yonkers New York. We carry leading brands, known as high quality overhead doors manufactures. When we install a new garage door in Yonkers, we put Vernon’s Garage Doors signature on the installation, and to maintain our reputation as one of the leading garage door companies in Yonkers New York, we avoid installing cheap garage doors, since from our experience, no matter how professional the installer is, it is just a matter of time before the door will need to be repaired.


    Same day garage door repairs in Yonkers New York

    A garage door in Yonkers that won’t go up or down is never a good experience, and when it get stuck late at night, or on a holiday or weekend, it is even worst. We understand that, and we want to help. With our same day garage door repairs in Yonkers New York, know that someone will come to assist you, all times all day. Because garage door repairs in Yonkers New York is what we do, and we do all we can to do it the best.

    Whether you need a commercial garage door repairs in Yonkers, a residential garage door spring repair in Mount Vernon New York, or a new garage door installation, we are the solution. We specialize in repair and install garage doors from all kinds in Yonkers New York. Whether it is a roll up door repair or a sectional overhead door repairs, we can fix it.
    We have been servicing garage doors in Yonkers New York for many years, and we know which garage door parts are most likely to break, so we carry with us parts to fit 90 percent of the garage doors in Yonkers like springs, chain drive opener, belt drive opener and more. We also repair commercial overhead doors and industrial garage doors in Yonkers, since we believe that when you are a pro, you should be able to deal with all types of repairs, commercial, residential and more.

    For same day garage door service in Yonkers New York
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